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Employees will not be taxed if they forgo vacation, sick or personal leave in exchange for employer contributions of amounts to charitable organizations providing relief to Hurricane Katrina victims.
American Airlines has asked all employees to forgo pay increases next year, in an attempt to stem short-term financial losses.
Airline executives met with union leaders on Friday (6 December) to make the request to the employee groups - including pilots, flight attendants and ground personnel - and to explain the need to forgo the pay increases.
In the past, Coleman said, she would forgo food and sleep to spend days on end cleaning, shopping, baking, decorating and wrapping presents.
In using this advantageous strategy, the private foundation (1) does not needlessly forgo the capital loss, because the loss offset the capital gain; (2) does not pay the 2% excise tax on the recognized capital gain (which it might have to pay if the asset were sold in a year when no capital losses are available); and (3) now has an increased tax basis in the asset sold and repurchased (which will decrease future recognizable capital gain).
96 requires pooling companies to rescind or forgo stock repurchase plans to remain eligible for pooling treatment.
As a member of that committee, I have participated in the writing of three addenda to those guidelines, addressing incapacitated patients without surrogate decision-makers, patients who have decided to forgo resuscitation but are undergoing surgery, and forgoing resuscitation for minors.
A survey of more than 800 MBAs from 11 leading North American and European schools found a substantial number were willing to forgo some financial benefits to work for an organization with a better reputation for corporate social responsibility and ethics.
Without a comprehensive analysis, a taxpayer might fail to elect to forgo an NOL carryback period--unaware that absent an election, the carryback will free up credits that may never be used, or use of the NOL may be limited.
Catholic teaching distinguishes between euthanasia, which it condemns as murder, and an individual's decision to forgo extraordinary medical treatment, which it says may be permissible in cases where it would be futile or overly burdensome to continue treatment.
the taxpayer does not respond to the 30-day letter or elects to forgo an administrative appeal, the Examination Division will send the taxpayer a Notice of Determination (NOD) by certified or registered mail.
The three Valley Fastener Group manufacturing plants currently consist of the Valley Rivet Division, North Coast Rivet Division as well as the "cold-headed specials" division, Forgo Fasteners.