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He added that although there will be an estimated P1 billion in forgone import taxes and duties of, say, 36 TEZs (or P36-million forgone import tax and duties of one TEZ per year), the government still stands to earn P14 billion from income taxes of TEZ operators and registered tourism enterprises (RTEs).
Consistent with the previous literature, the odds of forgone care also increased for those with no health insurance (OR 6.1) and an income 200%-400% of the federal poverty line (OR 3.6) or less than 200% of the poverty line (OR 5.6).
Contrary to prior research, however, self-reported black ethnicity was found to decrease the odds of forgone care (OR 0.5), Dr.
The same transfer and retransfer of forgone interest is deemed to have occurred with loans between employers and employees, or corporations and stockholders, as with gift-loans.
Answer--If a loan is considered a gift, the lender is treated as if he or she made a gift to the borrower in the amount of the "forgone interest." This gift may not qualify for the annual $12,000 (in 2006) gift exclusion.
170; thus, the forgone wage contribution is deductible under Sec.
To delve into the meaning of women's forgone earnings to men and women in each country, a digression is needed regarding income allocation within households.
The IRS said that under IRC section 7872, the corporation should have reported the forgone interest as taxable income on its federal return and the same amount should have been reported as dividend income by the shareholder-partners.
These various and sometimes 'redundant' tax incentives, he said, have resulted in billions of forgone revenues, which he said could have been utilized to fund much-needed social services.
A "gift loan" is a below-market loan in which the forgone interest is in the nature of a gift.
The 15 largest tax expenditures account for 79% of forgone revenue.
Thus, taxpayers who have not had (or who have forgone) the opportunity for administrative appeal prior to the issuance of an NOD will be afforded that opportunity.