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This strains people's mental processes, as recall of something they thought they had forgotten suddenly creates questions about what past information is still relevant and what isn't.
Most times what makes us cry brings us so much humour; like did you see that 'Old Ruga' is dead and gone to his grave jest or did you follow all the deriving jokes about the now rested Krest drink from the soon to be forgotten COZA episode.
Almost every day I find myself trying to remember certain things I had planned to do that day, but when the new day dawns I find I have conveniently forgotten all my plans.
Many of the relentless details of our daily lives are best forgotten.
It is stated that Urdu which is the national language of Pakistan, is being forgotten by Pakistani people.
3:16), we hear how John the Baptist appeared in the desert with his message of repentance, to a people who have forgotten God.
The Forgotten Father (Coping With Grief) is a brief yet profound memoir expressed in free-verse poetry.
Trump made a promise to the American people: The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.
They were also known as "the forgotten army." When dad eventually returned home after being a prisoner of war in Rangoon jail for two years, England was on its way to recovery and once again dad remained a forgotten hero of a forgotten army.
Please do not forget that when the liberation of Europe came on May 8,1945, Allied forces were still fighting in appalling conditions against a brutal and inhuman enemy in the Far East, and that VJ Day didn't arrive until September 2, 1945, four months' more horror for the "Forgotten Army".
[9], for instance, designed a working memory directed forgetting task in which AD participants were asked to retrieve one trigram of consonants after a "to be forgotten" instruction was given.
If you are relying on us forgetting, we haven't forgotten," the official Maspero Youth Union page wrote.