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The Government or Financial agency that is in possession of the assets, that you are searching for, will contact the searcher directly to complete their claim for the lost or forgotten funds.
The Forgotten Room takes design a step further by offering antiques, creations and funky finds for your 'forgotten room'--the garden.
The Forgotten Half of Change: Achieving Greater Creativity Through Changes in Perception.
I haven't looked up all the available verb forms-forget, forgets, forgetting-but some relative of the word forgotten appears forty-three times in Pynchon's output.
Unfortunately, he has forgotten what it is to give back to the working people of California by vetoing the minimum-wage increase so that low-wage earners can have a decent salary.
Positive forgetting: The non-interference of items intentionally forgotten.
Denny observes that movements such as the New Age spring up because the mainline tradition has forgotten part of its heritage.
Both groups were asked how many times they had forgotten various everyday chores during the previous month, such as paying bills or locking doors.
He had forgotten how big Grandma's house was, with upstairs and downstairs and sidestairs.
In several cases that Schooler investigated, victims said they had completely forgotten about sexual-abuse incidents hours or days after they had occurred.
WASHINGTON -- Disabled Veterans National Foundation is pleased to announce $23,000 in support given to Our Forgotten Warriors .