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In this sense, a forgotten memory is a lot like an old file on your computer.
However, saying that others must be forgotten for this to happen really goes beyond my understanding.
As a lot of the amassing men came from the Midlands please don't let them be forgotten this time.
Queensland residential tenants and rental property owners are being urged to check if they are one of more than 42,500 people who have forgotten to get their bond refund.
A poll of 2,000 adults found that the top two most commonly forgotten things are people not remembering why they went into a room, and misplacing keys.
But if my memory fails me in the compilation of the list, will I ever remember what I've forgotten that was supposed to stop me forgetting the thing I forgot in the first place?
HOW many times have you forgotten to buy your Christmas turkey?
But to die completely a person must not only forget but be forgotten and she who is not forgotten is not dead.