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I apologise, readers, you know what it's like, one mouthful leads to another and before you know it there's only a forkful left.
But step a forkful farther for my very favorite: the Sand Storm Basa, a fish fillet that's marinated, then lightly breaded and fried.
I tried a forkful of the Alexandrian-style fuul which was more delicious: spicy, chunky and full of texture; foul as it should be served.
A FRIEND has just nearly expired on a forkful of lamb couscous in what could be the most middle class demise in history.
Goose Bay's refreshingly crisp rendition is no exception, and it harmonizes well with fish, including a forkful of gefilte with horseradish.
However, a tentative first forkful of fish had me convinced I was up to the task of wiping my plate clean.
At a signal, the horse moved forward, the forkful of hay rose straight up until the lower pulley entered the carrier.
TASTE the value in Sporting Index's great Indian takeaway on the Avantha Masters and grab a forkful of local heroes Jeev Milkha Singh, Jyoti Randhawa, Shiv Kapur and Gaganjeet Bhullar, writes Jeremy Chapman.
IN THE six seconds it took you to enjoy your first forkful of turkey a child died of malnutrition.
The girl shovelled the last forkful of globby red pancake down.
The last forkful of my appetiser barely made it to my lips, before my plate was forcibly removed from beneath me mid-mouthful.
They are used to her whipping their dinner plates away for washing while they are still digesting the last forkful of food.