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The fork can also be used to passively track eating habits and automatically sync the data, including duration of meals and frequency of forkfuls, with a smartphone, CNN reported.
Again, the idea of sharing is important in a romantic setting, and helping each other to forkfuls of tasty greenery is a lovely way to connect.
They take massive forkfuls - usually dropping half of it as they try to cram it into their mouths.
After all, I could only shove so many forkfuls of beef under the table for the dog before one of my folks caught on.
L'Amanda's' where between forkfuls of scungilli as his
You can satisfy your daily needs by eating one serving of ocean fish, two servings of low-fat yogurt and a few forkfuls of seaweed salad, such as kelp.
Suddenly I was eating home-cooked meals on Fiesta dinnerware, instead of scooping plastic forkfuls of processed food from styrofoam containers.