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As data grows and the front-end controller of the Data Domain system can't keep up, the forklift upgrades to higher performance systems become increasingly costly.
We are now easily supporting a 60:1 client-to-server ratio and the acceleration is achieved without additional bandwidth purchase or forklift upgrades to our existing backend systems.
To maximize BoSSNET's capacity and operational efficiency, CoreStream delivers an open standards line system with 40G capabilities and a path to 100G, allowing operators to increase capacity without forklift upgrades of proprietary technology, additional network elements or costly optical-to-electronic conversions.
Current-generation WLAN controllers require expensive forklift upgrades in order to handle the 10-fold increase in network load that 802.
Fundamental to the Optixia XM design is its adherence to our core design principles -- providing a single test platform for comprehensive Layer 2-7 testing, and maintaining compatibility with Ixia's existing products to ease customer migration without forklift upgrades.
Enterprise Series Smart Sensors offer port density, high availability features and plug-in data rate expandability, guaranteeing data rate expansion without forklift upgrades.
Additionally, Lockdown NAC integrates with existing network infrastructure without requiring complex and expensive forklift upgrades, and unlike endpoint security agents, enforces access on the network to achieve the highest possible level of security.
Adding support for new waveforms enables carriers to run multiple standards simultaneously on the same infrastructure and ease migration to future standards without the prospect of costly forklift upgrades.