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As he climbed to the fork, I fled out the great horizontal limb.
Mulcachy was equipped with a long-lashed whip and a sharp-pronged fork of iron.
Half a mile up the right fork, his quick ears caught the sound of gnawing teeth.
It took the form of a dozen quaintly shaped forks and knives.
The foundation of their airy castles lay already before them in the strip of rich alluvium on the river bank, where the North Fork, sharply curving round the base of Devil's Spur, had for centuries swept the detritus of gulch and canyon.
I took back Captain Hopkins's knife and fork early in the afternoon, and went home to comfort Mrs.
Give me your fork, Mum, and take the baby," said Flopson.
Skirting along the north fork for a day or two, excessively annoyed by musquitoes and buffalo gnats, they reached, in the evening of the 17th, a small but beautiful grove, from which issued the confused notes of singing birds, the first they had heard since crossing the boundary of Missouri.
My orders were to take no notice so long as they circulated, but open slave-dealing in the Fork, was too much.
Father Brown put down the small silver fish and the fork and stared across at his companion.
By-and-by he dug so close to her that the fire-beams were reflected as distinctly from the steel prongs of his fork as from her own.
I laid down the knife and fork with dignity and took a side seat and Joe went for the wretched creature.