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What we don't see is anyone staring forlornly at their fridge at 3am, clutching maniacally onto a Chinese takeaway menu or sneaking off to the pub.
And it certainly does say a lot about their personalities - whether they are like Ralphy who immediately pulls the lever, then shoves his face into a mountain of ice cream, or like Jack, who looks on forlornly following the rules.
It's not a straightforward process though, and she is left frustrated when told that they can't proceed without an application form, forcing her to leave with her tail between her legs and, back home, she looks forlornly at her empty cupboards.
He flashes almost every inch of his body in pained service of laughter, while Oscar nominee Bryan Cranston forlornly attempts to inject gravitas to his scenes.
A few paces south one finds a statue of Imre Nagy, the executed hero of Hungary's 1956 anti-Soviet revolt, standing on a bridge looking forlornly on parliament.
The third time's no charm for director, writer and actor Noel Clarke as he concludes his streetwise trilogy, which began 10 years ago with Kidulthood and continued forlornly two years later with Adulthood.
While she stares forlornly at baby scan pictures alone, he plans a party to block out the pain.
Dick Whittington's portrayal by Little Ed (Miliband) forlornly despondent by the roadside had even a posse of cynical, hard-bitten critics in tears.
For real, I saw ancient black oaks go forlornly sudden, that angle.
His body was secretly buried, leaving his wife and and unborn child searching forlornly for answers.
I had gained at least 25 pounds since I forlornly left Manila
The former pool at Tynemouth sits forlornly at one end of Longsands, its glory days seemingly a long way in the past.