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In the twilight years of his life, he realises that the metaphors of his existence have been suffering, forlornness, hopelessness, and meaninglessness.
Whereas the second detail evokes the Magdalen's sense of forlornness, the third accents the untouchable father, who appears to be warding off the woman's imploring hands, which seem to clutch at Jesus's robe.
Max's sudden aneurysm, Christ's crucifixion, the untimely deaths of Steven and, of course, Gary Falk, Henry's desertion of his wife and daughters, even Joseph's defection from the holy family contribute to the novel's dominant mood of loss, a mood further reinforced by the accumulation of imagined and, given Maso's use of graphics, actual sensory impressions--lost pet posters, a passage from Roethke's "The Lost Son," lists of things missing, a stolen piano--that, taken together, constitute a formula for the particular emotion of forlornness.
It celebrates forlornness and pays tribute to the experience that leaves one "half in love with easeful Death.
But Langewiesche, a former commercial pilot who has visited the countries of the Sahara often, exploits the harshness, forlornness and political hopelessness of the vast desert to fashion an entertaining and edifying tale.
The tone is cool, which counters the forlornness of these items, yet the pictures, when surrounding the viewer, also impart the strange simultaneous comfort and anxiety afforded by things.
His gaze turns from the perfection of snow to the "empty room with the mattress on the floor [and] I felt all the magic of the city go away and had an intimation of the forlornness of the city and of the people who lived in it" (5).
The erotic and the visual in this context are not just steps in conventional courtly love; they are reminders of the forlornness which is an anguishing, persistent threat to Adam and the isolating darkness which is a reality to the blind poet.
The forlornness, the aloofness of the self, and the experience of anguish and despair often presented as the prominent features of the human condition in existential literature, are conditions preceding to any spiritual realization in Vedanta as well as in Buddhism.
In Absentia (Brothers Quay) In the twin animators' live-action, close-up study of a mad woman furiously scribbling letters to her dead husband, the forlornness of pencil lead is inscribed on our brains to the excruciating drones of Stockhausen.
After giving him a tour during the day, she tries to entice him at night to a sensual escape from his forlornness.
While several poems in the book sound brighter tones--two of the loveliest in this mode recall Franz Schubert and Isaac Babel--the darker poems of resignation and forlornness prevail.