form an image

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A number of articles have pointed out that objects - like boats - go missing from the satellite maps' imagery is a fairly common occurrence while the computer programs stitch together overlapping images to form an image.
All the self-portraits were combined to form an image of the Queen which was projected onto Buckingham Palace for three nights in April, to coincide with Her Majesty's birthday.
screened words that form an image while also reacting to the behavior of the viewer; images that are progressively destroyed by the human gaze; text machines generating nonsense sentences out of a Kafka story; and an Internet-enabled, interactive light show above the central square of Mexico City--promoting the role of the critic in finding meaning in digital art.
For years, art historians have scanned paintings with X-rays (high energy waves of electromagnetic radiation) to form an image of the canvas underneath.
The money will pay for new equipment, including three CT scanners, which are highly sophisticated x-ray type machines used to detect tumours and abnormalities; an extra MRI scanner; a different kind of diagnostic machine that uses magnetic and radiowaves to form an image of the body's internal workings, and two new digital X-ray rooms.
Traditional 3-D ultrasound probes use sound waves that penetrate deep within body tissue and reflect back to form an image.
The segmented Si detectors form an image of the beam.
PLASMA: A plasma display illuminates tiny colored florescent lights--red, green and blue--to form an image.
If a musician or athlete is able to form an image of the movement, he directly experiences the action or perception that goes along with it.
At some angle to the laser beam, a lens is used to form an image or picture of the spot at an image plane where the position sensing detector is located, if the surface is further away from the sensor, the spot on the detector shifts to a different point.
There's no reason to go ahead and form an image," agrees Eustace L.
Lane's technique is stipple, a succession of dots that form an image.