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DowDuPonts unaudited pro forma financial statements are based on the historical consolidated financial statements of Dow and DuPont, adjusted for activities that are directly attributable to the merger transaction and are expected to have continuing impact, such as: purchase accounting; accounting policy alignment; elimination of the effect of events that are directly attributable to the merger agreement (e.
Ante la pregunta de la forma de una silla, cada persona imagina una silla diferente; es muy dificil que se imagine la misma silla, pues cada persona creara la imagen de la silla que mas conozca o reconozca.
Por esta razon, es necesario que exista en la materia primera una forma que la haga divisible y sujeta a dimensiones cuantitativas.
The divestment is part of Hakon Investa[euro](tm)s review started in late autumn last year of its 100%-ownership in the Forma Publishing Group unit, the buyout company said.
Referitor la evolutia conceptiei privind forma actului juridic, se cuvine sa subliniem ca aceasta "este foarte instructiva si putin bizara.
En las consideraciones sobre la forma desde su concepcion en el campo de la percepcion visual y el "Pensamiento Visual", R.
The objective of pro forma financial information is to show what the significant effects on historical financial information might have been had a consummated or proposed transaction (or event) occurred at an earlier date.
By focusing on three sources--regulation, industry guidelines, and an analysis of more than 1,000 earnings press releases--we attempt to synthesize and expand on best practice for reporting pro forma earnings.
1) This practice fuels an intense debate between supporters and critics of pro forma disclosure.
Pro forma earnings contained in quarterly and annual financial reports filed with the SEC are required to carry a notice that they are not presented in accordance with GAAP and are provided for information purposes only.
Thus, meaningful presentation of pro forma results should benefit investors.