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F., "Analysis of Sheared Edge Formability of Aluminum", Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 214: 876-891, 2014, doi:10.1016/j.jmatprotec.2013.11.021.
The EHF formability experiments in this study were conducted from a flat blank, and the die cavity was filled using a single EHF pulse.
Pre-ECAP was demonstrated useful to enhance the rolling formability and mechanical properties of the ZK60 magnesium alloy.
In particular, researchers from various fields have sought to clarify the relationship between mechanical properties of PCM sheets and their formability. (4-6) Roescher and Tinnemans (7) reported the good deep-drawing feature of one coating system combined with anticorrosion and lubrication functions.
Through the development of DP1000HY, Tata Steel has combined high yield, ultra high strength and formability, allowing automotive manufacturers to reduce the thickness of the steel they use.
AHSS provide an advantage in the design flexibility over conventional high strength steels due to their higher formability and work hardening characteristics.
JFE Steel has been developing a variety of high strength steel sheets with excellent formability for the conventional press forming.
This next generation fuel hose utilizes a fluoroplastic barrier technology which is said to provide the proper combination of ultra-low permeation and good flexibility to yield a fuel hose with excellent sealability and formability, according to the company.
In automobile component materials, it is necessary to use steel sheet with good formability proprieties.
Furthermore, ff2ECOplus, with its high strength and excellent formability, is extremely durable with low life-cycle maintenance requirements.
The new product technologies will improve corrosion resistance performance, formability, and surface clearness, compared to the current product.