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On June 9 and 10, from 11:15 to 11:30, Andreas Afseth, Research & Development Automotive Market manager at Constellium, will present "Aluminum rolled solutions for high formable skins", highlighting Surfalex HF in particular, and explaining new trends in upcoming research and development.
Pasternack's low PIM formable cables are made using a tin-filled braid that produces a hand formable, solid outer conductor wall, making them perfect for installation into tight places.
In the first three episodes, viewers can see how DuPont[TM] Corian([R]) is formable, how a countertop/sink is fabricated, along with laminate processes using Wilsonart and Formica products.
ReAl is a material that is stronger, formable and compatible with Ball's existing aerosol can lines," said Dan Rabbitt, vice president, Ball Aerocan.
Tony Harris, Vice President, Sales Western Europe & Africa at Ruukki, commented on the contract, "We are one of the few suppliers able to deliver high-strength formable steel with thick Galfan coating, which is the preferred coating for this kind of application.
Patent 7,872,068 (January 18, 2011), "Materials Formable In Situ Within a Medical Device," Farhad Khosravi and James Dreher (Incept LLC, Bedford, Massachusetts, USA).
This technology is used in producing PP/nylon coextruded films for formable meat packaging.
Jetrion's proprietary flexible and formable color ink jet inks--the world's first--were used to produce ultra high-resolution images on a coated metal substrate that was subsequently formed by traditional manufacturing processes.
Reynolds and his colleagues at the University of Texas at Arlington have developed an electrochemical technique for making a water-soluble, more easily formable molecular composite involving the conducting polymer polypyrrole and Du Pont's tough and stable polymer known as Kevlar.
Osteotech's Dave Kaes and John Winterbottom will receive a patent award in the medical category for the invention of a formable and settable polymer bone composite that is used in bone grafting.
To answer this need, Bayer MaterialScience LLC is introducing a formable polycarbonate film that offers good scratch and weathering resistance.