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To Be Globally Competitive, Canada Should Implement a Formal Loss-Transfer System
The AFS Trade Commission worked closely with Congressman Michael Collins (R-GA), who is a member of the Ways and Means Committee, to begin the formal request process.
Knowledge workers possess a formal education and continue that education throughout their career in an ongoing effort to remain up-to-date.
Piaget (1952) proposed that the stage of formal operations, reached during adolescence, continues throughout adulthood.
Male trainee teachers of formal sector showed a lesser amount of positive professional attitude than the attitudes of female trainee teachers of formal and non-formal sector.
Data were analyzed by using two-way chi square techniques to compare the responses of formal and non-formal prospective teachers.
Toshiba has deployed VC Formal as a standard SVA-based formal verification solution for the development of leading-edge automotive devices and storage products," said Kazunari Horikawa, senior manager, Design Technology Development Department, Center for Semiconductor Research & Development, Storage & Electronic Devices Solution Company at Toshiba Corporation.
While three-quarters of pre-retirees and retirees have some kind of financial retirement plan, our study found only 16 percent have a formal written retirement plan," noted Matthew Drinkwater, PhD.
The purpose of this research is to develop a framework for the use of formal methods in the specification, verification and validation of wireless network security protocols.
The foundation of teacher induction is typically formal mentoring, where the school, district, or state assigns a mentor to a new teacher (Smith & Ingersoll, 2004).

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