formal declaration

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She and Stephen were in that stage of courtship which makes the most exquisite moment of youth, the freshest blossom-time of passion,--when each is sure of the other's love, but no formal declaration has been made, and all is mutual divination, exalting the most trivial word, the lightest gesture, into thrills delicate and delicious as wafted jasmine scent.
You know, there is no language of vegetables, which converts a cucumber into a formal declaration of attachment.
The officer who took him in hand, and who had a large straw hat and a diamond breastpin, was quite a man of the world, and in reply to the Count's formal declarations only said, "Well, I guess it's all right; I guess I'll just pass you," distributing chalk-marks as if they had been so many love-pats.
During its 206th Session on 18 November 2015, the 36-State Governing Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) adopted a formal Declaration.
The President said Indian forces had crossed the international frontier today without formal declaration of war, the time has come for us to give them a crushing reply.
As a result he missed the annual council meeting and couldn't make a formal declaration to accept his seat.
Despite this heritage, Chu's party, the Kuomintang (KMT), wants closer relations with China and has regained power from the Democratic Progressive Party, which favours a formal declaration of independence and a complete split from China.
At the closing session in Berlin last month he called on governments to follow up on their individual statements of concern by adopting a formal declaration at the Ministerial Council.
Invicta was aware of the injury three weeks prior to the announcement but waited to confirm the severity of the damage before making the formal declaration.
Following the formal declaration of the military coup, which comes only days after the Thai Army announced martial law, soldiers have moved swiftly to detain both Red Shirt activists as well as government officials.
Cllr Polhill said he was looking forward to the formal declaration on Wednesday.
to pay off an emotional debt" is a formal declaration X makes.