formal declaration

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She and Stephen were in that stage of courtship which makes the most exquisite moment of youth, the freshest blossom-time of passion,--when each is sure of the other's love, but no formal declaration has been made, and all is mutual divination, exalting the most trivial word, the lightest gesture, into thrills delicate and delicious as wafted jasmine scent.
You know, there is no language of vegetables, which converts a cucumber into a formal declaration of attachment.
The officer who took him in hand, and who had a large straw hat and a diamond breastpin, was quite a man of the world, and in reply to the Count's formal declarations only said, "Well, I guess it's all right; I guess I'll just pass you," distributing chalk-marks as if they had been so many love-pats.
Constitution grants Congress the sole power to declare war, and there was no formal declaration of war in this case.
During its 206th Session on 18 November 2015, the 36-State Governing Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) adopted a formal Declaration.
While we may be technically in breach of this [WTO] commitment, the actionable and formal declaration of such by the WTO can only be made if there has been a case filed," Alcala said in his letter.
He is expected to make a formal declaration in the Nigerian capital Abuja on Saturday.
The meeting on Thursday follows North Korea's submission late last month of a long-delayed formal declaration of its nuclear weapons programme.
He confirmed a report in the Wall Street Journal which said Ms Kroes had worked as a lobbyist for Lockheed for a "one-off" project in 1997 and had failed to mention it in her formal declaration of interests.
The clashes at Lexington and Concord began the war for American independence, even though a formal declaration would not be made for more than a year.