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Marilyn Reizbaum and Maud Ellmann recount a painstaking, conscientious process that led to their piece on "Two Gallants," with Reizbanm first revising all their work into a formal essay, then Elhnarm taking her turn.
Likewise, thrust beside Thomas's work is a formal essay on assemblage by Zipora Fried (Armoire, 2008).
The first and most formal essay is a defense of Papineau's version of naturalism, "reliabilist consequentialism," against the claim that it cannot accommodate norms of judgment.
His first formal essay at dancemaking came a year and a half later in 1986, with a $5,000 grant from the Manitoba Arts Council for him and fellow dancer Alain Charron to put together a workshop performance.
The ideas were organized and clearly expressed - two skills that seemed overwhelmingly impossible when I asked for a more formal essay.
In addition, preliminary writing scores on state-generated practice tests, based on Virginia's Standards of Learning, indicated that my students had, indeed, learned to write under a certain degree of pressure, following a standard formal essay format.
A big part of the problem with the film is that Mapplethorpe's photographs are never convincingly argued as art, so the core of the drama is very much a formal essay on First Amendment rights.
Although the fifteen authors--including the two editors who co-author the concluding essay--are major sf scholars and critics in their own right who have written cogent formal essays, they also break the fourth wall and give personal advice on icebreakers for the first class, the availability of texts or lack thereof, suggestions for choice of text based on factors such as length and online availability, prompts that have been successful at sparking lively classroom or online discussion, and the like.
The updated volume is a well-edited and broad collection that brings together both well known formal essays, reviews, and introductions by Williams and more obscure references and commentaries excerpted from the author's memoirs, journals and letters.
The less formal essays reveal insights gained from work with Kelly, gratitude for his pastoral approach, and hope for the new directions that may be tried profitably to bring good news to God's people in need.
The research has revealed that some school students regularly use colloquial language and text speak in formal essays along the lines of "Macbeth was pure mental" and "This poem was gr8".
Outside of the lecture theatre, for example, students use the courseware in Smartlab, which is a weekly tutorial computer lab session directed by the instructor, or independently to prepare for upcoming lectures, classroom discussion, or to find reading lists for the required critical reviews, bibliographic searches, reports and formal essays they are required to write.

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