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What we write in emails, however, does not merit the same scrutiny, grammatically speaking, as our writing in a formal essay.
McMillin, majoring in Southern studies and economics, won a Taylor Medal, first place in the formal essay category at the campus Southern Literary Festival and the inter-fraternity Council Academic and Leadership Excellence Award, plus served as a student body senator and Honors College ambassador.
Marilyn Reizbaum and Maud Ellmann recount a painstaking, conscientious process that led to their piece on "Two Gallants," with Reizbanm first revising all their work into a formal essay, then Elhnarm taking her turn.
Likewise, thrust beside Thomas's work is a formal essay on assemblage by Zipora Fried (Armoire, 2008).
The main idea of a formal essay often consists of two parts: the topic or subject of the paper and the point we intend to make about it.
The first and most formal essay is a defense of Papineau's version of naturalism, "reliabilist consequentialism," against the claim that it cannot accommodate norms of judgment.
His first formal essay at dancemaking came a year and a half later in 1986, with a $5,000 grant from the Manitoba Arts Council for him and fellow dancer Alain Charron to put together a workshop performance.
The ideas were organized and clearly expressed - two skills that seemed overwhelmingly impossible when I asked for a more formal essay.
The personal essay's fundamental departure from the more traditional formal essay is its familiarity.
One more formal essay, "Class Conflict as a Dynamic Game," by political scientist Michael Wallerstein, draws its conclusions from a model with fixed labor/output and capital/labor ratios, thereby treating relative prices, wages, and "economic behavior" as irrelevant.
The students were also required to submit, along with the completed creative piece, a formal essay that interpreted their project for others.
In addition, preliminary writing scores on state-generated practice tests, based on Virginia's Standards of Learning, indicated that my students had, indeed, learned to write under a certain degree of pressure, following a standard formal essay format.

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