formal occasion

See: ceremony
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If you want to stand out in any formal occasion, wear a bow tie, it's pretty simple.
When they saw each other at the formal occasion, Thompson could not help but ask the Duke of Cambridge if she could kiss him as she would normally do, but he said she couldn't.
Smart enough for a formal occasion, yet comfortable enough to wear all day, there's nothing not to love.
A dark pair of denim is also versatile and can either be worn casual or for a formal occasion if paired with the right tops, accessories and footwear.
But her gesture yesterday was in keeping with the formal occasion for the royals, as she and Wills were joined by Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and Autumn Phillips, daughter-in-law of Princess Anne.
The oath of allegiance is usually performed when the Saudi Monarch, Crown Prince and senior princes of the Saudi royal family receive citizens at the royal palace, which is dedicated to such a formal occasion. The Allegiance Council, also known as the Allegiance Commission or Allegiance Institution, is the body responsible for determining future succession to the throne of Saudi Arabia.
You may have a formal occasion to attend this New Year, and with everyone wearing the predictable blacks and navys, go wild in this stunning pink maxi dress with pleated skirt.
LATEST BONUS WINNER WILL BE NAMED NEXT WEEK ACROSS DOWN 1 American gambling city (3,5) 7 Unclear, hazy (5) 8 Gentleman's gentleman (5) 9 Hotel employee who deals with luggage (6) 10 Exchange (4) 12 Paddy field grain (4) 14 Sly, crafty (6) 17 Lukewarm (5) 18 Smallest or most unimportant (5) 19 Rules or procedure for a formal occasion (8) 1 Fizzy beer (5) 2 Scandinavian country (6) 3 Covetousness (4) 4 Permit (5) 5 Disappear like rain in the sun (9) 6 Specify, instruct (9) 11 Frisk around playfully (6) 13 Pickled flower bud used in Mediterranean cookery (5) 15 Weak, delicate (5) 16 Prepare text for publication (4) SOLUTION to Crossword -2 weeks ACROSS 1 Know-it-all, 7 Alibi, 8 Dover, 9 Enlighten, 10 Exquisite, 13 Third, 14 Issue, 15 Skedaddle.
The formal occasion for Alekperov's visits was the awarding ceremony of certificates of compliance with ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 to Lukoil Bulgaria by Bureau Veritas.
The imposing teacher ought to understand that in the Indian society, not all would choose a traditional outfit while attending a formal occasion. In some cultures, Western outfits are preferred to traditional, more so at social gatherings.
Jeff and Mary Hansen, owners of One Stop Bridal and Tuxedo in Wenatchee, purchased the inventory of A Formal Occasion from Robert and Judy Martin for an undisclosed amount on Oct.

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