formal proceeding

See: hearing
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It was something I totally cannot imagine myself being involved in; it contradicts the deepest Christian values I hold dear,' he said as he asked for 'fairness and due process, a chance to vindicate myself in a formal proceeding.
Before taking to arms and preparing for an expensive battle in a formal proceeding like arbitration, an advisory contract can either encourage or attempt to require the parties to first try to resolve the dispute among themselves.
The anti-retaliation provision also prohibits an employer from discriminating or retaliating against an employee who participates in an investigation or more formal proceeding by testifying, assisting or otherwise participating in the matter or investigation.
The next step is to open a formal proceeding into the company's breach of
lt;p>This FCC inquiry will likely overlap with its formal proceeding on network neutrality that seeks to regulate whether and how much Internet service providers can limit applications and devices customers use over their Internet connections, and to what extent they can charge more for premium services.
The process of sham peer review frequently involves a progressive series of small attacks leading up to a final formal proceeding designed to end the targeted physician's medical career.
All I ask is fairness and due process, a chance to vindicate myself in a formal proceeding,' he said.
He informed that the formal proceeding of case would be started from114th April.
The police after registering the case transferred the case to the FATA Secretariat for formal proceeding.
The European Commission filed a lawsuit against the Netherlands in the European Court of Justice and started formal proceeding against France, Italy and Portugal in an attempt to bring them into line with a 2002 ruling that declared the air treaties the countries have with the US illegal.
The source said that the director excise department has prepared a charge-sheet against the ETO to sent it to the director-general excise and taxation department for formal proceeding against him.