formal prosecution

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Currently, the threepoint penalty and maximum PS2,500 fine per tyre are not compulsory and require a formal prosecution to action.
Around six in ten such allegations passed to us are dropped because the victim decides not to support a formal prosecution.
Understandably, most are reluctant to criminalise their own children and will exhaust all other options to address the issue, and try to change their child's behaviour, before resorting to a formal prosecution.
Enforcement could mean formal prosecution, Curran says.
In conjunction with Denbighshire Licensing Department, North Wales Police have offered the licenced premises to close for a period of seven clear days from August 11 instead of formal prosecution.
There have been no suspensions in relation to these inquiries and we are confident and certain that no speed enforcement action that concerns a member of the public that may in any way have been evidentially compromised has been pursued either to a driver retraining referral or formal prosecution.
817 (2006) ("The filing of a federal complaint does not commence a formal prosecution.
The authors suggest that alternative avenues for addressing criminality, such as counseling, housing assistance, training and education, are often more appropriate than formal prosecution.
The system also monitors and stores all operator functions to provide traceability when gathering evidence for any formal prosecution.
Although she invites reports of fraudulent activities, Casebeer said the FBI must carefully prioritize cases to pursue; one consideration is whether there will be formal prosecution.
In this case, though, it may be doubted whether such activity (which has been very common in past conflict in the Pacific) is sufficiently serious to warrant formal prosecution.
The council has now filed a report to the procurator fiscal with a view to formal prosecution through the courts.