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Two emotions seemed to be struggling in Katharine; one the desire to laugh at the ridiculous spectacle of William making her a formal speech across the tea-table, the other a desire to weep at the sight of something childlike and honest in him which touched her inexpressibly.
Bush first used the term "war on terrorism" on September 16, 2001, and then "war on terror" a few days later in a formal speech to Congress.
The president made a short formal speech, to which the prince and the then British prime minister, Tony Blair, offered impromptu responses.
The president made a short formal speech, to which the prince and British Prime Minister Tony Blair offered impromptu responses.
The purposes of the study were to evaluate how well findings from the screening tool agreed with dysphagia findings from a formal speech therapy evaluation and to determine agreement of ratings between two different nurses.
He made his first formal speech since his retirement on Friday before an event sponsored in Washington by the Organization of Iranian Communities, one of the Mojahedin's many sponsored groups.
And speech records are available in different language styles: slang (stand-up comedy, mass media), formal speech (politics, literature), speech from social networks, and lectures (from universities, TED talks, classrooms, and so on).
In addition, the environment of the meeting presents a variety of styles: from formal speech, uttered by officers and members, to reading and prayer.
In a similar speech to the conference, Qatari minister of commerce and economy Sheikh Ahmad Bin Jassim Al Thani, representing the Arab countries' formal speech to the conference, said the Arab countries championed joint policies of sustainable development and economic growth, to be predicated on the principles of peace and stability.
Switching to Hindi towards the end of her formal speech, she said that the overwhelming majority of the BJP represented new responsibilities and said her government promised a focus on growth with good governance.
The dictionary focuses on the standardised variant of Arabic used in writing and formal speech, commonly known as Modern Standard Arabic.

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