formal written request

See: petition
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A Pre-Submission is defined as a formal written request from an applicant for feedback from the FDA to be provided in the manner of a formal response.
A judge and prosecutors at the National Court in Madrid, which specialises in terror cases, made a formal written request to British authorities to arrest Atorrasagasti.
For example, courts require you to file a formal written request, but some may also require a hearing where you will appear before a bankruptcy judge.
The five categories are customer authorization, disclosure pursuant to administrative subpoena, search warrant, judicial subpoena, and formal written request.
Pandey, he said, has made a formal written request for the same to the Cabinet Secretary.
The council has not received any formal written request from Unison to meet the executive.
Chief Charette also submitted a formal written request to selectmen regarding Mr.
Police later dropped the charges, but they say Hickling will have to file a formal written request before they'll remove her DNA from their database.
Morton, an acquaintance of Conservative council leader Mike Whitby, has such a low profile that Labour opposition leader Sir Albert Bore had to submit a formal written request to discover who he is and what he does.
I tried to buy a pocket watch that had Lenin's likeness and was told that I had to go to a special ministry and make a formal written request, but probably would not be able to take the watch out of the country.
During the initial telephone contact, the research process was explained and parents/guardians were informed to expect a formal written request and consent forms.
Because they felt the library, being a quasi-municipal agency, would be subject to the Freedom of Information Act, the company issued a formal written request to the library to disclose the names of the employees who were accessing its service.

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