formal written request

See: petition
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A formal written request was delivered by The Post by courier on Friday morning, and has since gone unanswered.
Binding legal opinions and rulings, especially on more complex issues, will have to be issued by the Commission upon submission of a formal written request,' they added.
He said that Preston University will soon send a formal written request to the members of the Nobel Prize Committee in this regard.
A Pre-Submission is defined as a formal written request from an applicant for feedback from the FDA to be provided in the manner of a formal response.
A judge and prosecutors at the National Court in Madrid, which specialises in terror cases, made a formal written request to British authorities to arrest Atorrasagasti.
For example, courts require you to file a formal written request, but some may also require a hearing where you will appear before a bankruptcy judge.
The five categories are customer authorization, disclosure pursuant to administrative subpoena, search warrant, judicial subpoena, and formal written request.
Pandey, he said, has made a formal written request for the same to the Cabinet Secretary.
The council has not received any formal written request from Unison to meet the executive.
Chief Charette also submitted a formal written request to selectmen regarding Mr.
Police later dropped the charges, but they say Hickling will have to file a formal written request before they'll remove her DNA from their database.
Morton, an acquaintance of Conservative council leader Mike Whitby, has such a low profile that Labour opposition leader Sir Albert Bore had to submit a formal written request to discover who he is and what he does.

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