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The accused received Dh4,000 to complete suspended formalities due to a regulatory reason, according to police investigation record.
As part of the restructuring, Harsco appointed ASAR Bahrain acting through Weil, Gotshal & Manges in New York to assist with the share transfer formalities in Bahrain.
It assays prior discussions of the jurisprudence of legal formalities and distills from them various situational criteria that dictate the need, vel non, for particular aspects of formality in any given instance.
Standard Chartered (LSE :STAN) has completed formalities related to the purchase of Absa.
For any country wishing to boost its tourism, the ease of visa-processing formalities plays a huge role in bringing in the numbers.
Any delay in completing the formalities invites hefty fines, a major employer in the private sector recently said in a letter.
Many, if not most, of the formalities of a Fortune 500 company simply don't exist in startups.
Ahli Bank said that it is still in the negotiation process and has sought an extension of end-June 2013 to complete the remaining formalities
The European Commission proposed, on 24 April, a regulation that would slash administrative formalities required of European citizens and companies to obtain recognition of marriage and birth certificates or legal status certificates for companies in another member state.
Necessary arrangements, including legal formalities, have been completed for the girl's burial in the Eastern Province yesterday, according to Nass Vokkam, a social worker who assisted the family with death formalities.
The report mentioned that Tata Motors in a statement has mentioned that with the necessary formalities having been completed, Karl Slym has joined the company.
Formalities in copyright law; an analysis of their history, rationales and possible futures.