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There was so much attachment to Captain Wentworth in all this, and such a bewitching charm in a degree of hospitality so uncommon, so unlike the usual style of give-and-take invitations, and dinners of formality and display, that Anne felt her spirits not likely to be benefited by an increasing acquaintance among his brother-officers.
In fact, your uncle is so old and dear a friend, that, with your permission, I shall drop formality with you altogether and speak of you and to you as Adam, as though you were his son.
The impulse that moves me and the doing of the thing seem simultaneous; for if my mind goes through the tedious formality of reasoning, it must be a subconscious act of which I am not objectively aware.
What of the mode of service in which etiquette was replaced by order; stiff formality by personal, unrestrained comfort; the happiness and contentment of the guest became the supreme law of all who obeyed the host?
The prince walked in quickly and jauntily as was his wont, as if intentionally contrasting the briskness of his manners with the strict formality of his house.
As there had been no formality in his coming there was no need of formality in his going.
said Mary, as Fred stood still and raised his hat to her with playful formality.
I think that even then I had an instinctive doubt whether formlessness was really better than formality.
The hut was occupied by an old priest, and as the boy in armor pushed in, without the usual formality of knocking the old man looked up with an expression of annoyance and disapproval.
Who were these white men to march so boldly into the presence of the King without even the formality of sending an envoy ahead?
Emily noticed a certain formality in his tone and manner, which disagreeably surprised her.
The vigilance committee went out of existence without the formality of a resolution.