formally advise

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The lower house panel examining the zoning of electoral districts in the country is set to formally advise Abe to push the plan.
Tomorrow Balkenende will formally advise Queen Beatrix he no longer has a majority in parliament.
BFI issued an ultimatum to the city May 19, giving officials until June 15 to formally advise whether they will renew the disposal contract that expires in June 2006 - the deadline Mayor James Hahn has set for ending city dumping at Sunshine Canyon.
Gill believes Villa will be forced, once an offer is made, to formally advise Yorke of the interest even though there are three years left on his contract.
Federal officials say they aren't ready to formally advise all pregnant women or their newborn infants to begin AZT therapy.
The company added that it has been called to formally advise the FDA that the clinical trial has not yet begun, and that it will submit the notice in a few days.
A statement on behalf of the administrators said: "The joint administrators will be contacting all known creditors to formally advise of their appointment.
An expert group charged with forming our emergency plan, including the stockpiling of drugs, has yet to formally advise Health Minister Mary Harney.
We formally advise our intent to seek an open inquiry into the handling of this affair.
Thai Foreign Ministry Spokesman Sihasak Phuangketkeow said the embassy did not formally advise the ministry about the closure, but it put a sign on the embassy's gate saying the office had closed.
OBL are now pleased to formally advise that its specialist geophysical consultant Dayboro Geophysics Pty Ltd has completed the following tasks:
The Committee anticipates that the Company will formally advise shareholders of the actions taken as a result of delivery of the consent cards in the near future.