formally sanction

See: authorize
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Government reforms aimed at consolidating judicial power have drawn fierce criticism from opposition parties and a stern rebuke from the EU's executive Commission, which began a process last month to formally sanction Poland over "rule of law" violations.
A High Court judge said he would formally sanction the cancellation of A&L's share capital and the issue of one Santander share for every three A&L shares.
federal tax law does not formally sanction a de minimis threshold for capitalization of expenditures.
The review board does not have the power to formally sanction bishops, but since his appointment Keating has consistently maintained that he would do all that was in his power to seek the resignation of bishops that obstructed justice and would bring their case up with the pope himself if necessary.
Carlo Ancelotti is expected to formally sanction Benzema's exit once the season finishes, and Arsenal could pounce then to bring him to north London.
Ozerov noted that formally sanctions against Iran had been lifted, which made it possible for Russia to allow the delivery of S-300 air defense missile systems to the country in October.