formally withdraw

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Thiruvananthapuram: The more than two-decade-old palmolein import case, which rocked Kerala politics through this period on multiple occasions, has come back into the limelight with the state government moving to formally withdraw the case.
It was reported earlier Tuesday that Canada is invoking its legal right to formally withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol, thus becoming the first country to leave the pact on cutting carbon emissions.
Campbell did not elaborate further, but Japan and the United States are expected to formally withdraw the deadline at the talks involving their foreign and defense ministers.
He further said hoping majority of the candidates as per discussions he had with them on Sunday 7, will formally withdraw their applications from contesting within one week's period.
The tribunal was satisfied Councillor Tuck did not adequately declare his interest at the site meeting and did not formally withdraw.
We trust he will honor that statement and formally withdraw Lion Nathan's bid.
Formation Capital will also formally withdraw its board of director nominees at Beverly's April 21 annual meeting.
Although R could not formally withdraw funds from the FLPs without permission of the family owned corporate GPs, the estate concedes they would not have refused such a request.
The aide, an apparently humble chap when he came to the White House, penned it after deciding to leave Stanford's Graduate School of Business after one year to take a job with a company chaired by his former boss, Clinton's ex-chief of staff Erskine Bowles: "After a painful two weeks of consideration and consultation with mentors, family, and friends, I have decided to formally withdraw from Stanford Business School .
Accordingly, I urge you to formally withdraw your request to the IRS and to publicly disavow any intention to pressure the IRS to act on this matter.