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The purely formal definition of truth and falsehood offers little difficulty.
The same proposition, if it were false, would have a less simple formal relation to its objective.
Religion, we should add, was for him, as for so many men of the world, a somewhat secondary and formal thing.
Even in his art Chaucer's lack of the highest will-power produced one rather conspicuous formal weakness; of his numerous long poems he really finished scarcely one.
It was more immediately important to lead him into doing this than to insist on rights and privileges of the purely formal sort.
The formal objections of the lawyers were registered once more.
She was formal in manner, and made calls in rustling, steel-grey brocades and a tall bonnet with bristling aigrettes.
On every formal visit a child ought to be of the party, by way of provision for discourse.
Then the criminal orders meat and drink to be brought out, they eat and drink together, he asks a formal pardon, which is not granted at first; however, the husband forgives first one part of the debt, and then another, till at length the whole is remitted.
The restraining or prohibitory clause only says, that they shall not, WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF CONGRESS, lay such duties; and if we are to understand this in the sense last mentioned, the Constitution would then be made to introduce a formal provision for the sake of a very absurd conclusion; which is, that the States, WITH THE CONSENT of the national legislature, might tax imports and exports; and that they might tax every other article, UNLESS CONTROLLED by the same body.