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The "Share the Vision" program in Great Britain is a growing "mixed library economy" of commercial and voluntary producers of a range of alternate format materials accessible to a range of visually impaired people (Corrigan, 2003).
New Line Cinema, the minimajor behind ``The Lord of the Rings'' trilogy, also announced Monday that it plans to release titles in the HD DVD format.
The final specifications and format book for DVD+R9 seem to be much further along than that for the DVD Forum's DVD-R9 format.
Companies have generally underused HTML because it can cost more than PDF or image-based formats, depending on the level of skill and customization documents require.
Portable document format (PDF) files can be created from most any desktop application with Adobe Exchange software, a product increasingly hailed as a de facto standard for universal access to electronic documents over the Internet.
In addition to text documents and spreadsheets, OpenDocument defines presentation format.
DSpace (1) is free, open-source software that has the functionality to capture, store, manage, and support preservation of digital objects in any format.
If Format Painter is not in your toolbar, click on Tools, Customize, the Commands tab and then Format.
Even with "rapid" file recovery features, any backup system that does not utilize full file format must restore the files to disk before they can be accessed by network users.
Optimism for the format was heightened in February 2001 when IMAX sealed a deal with the Walt Disney Co.
The new eDocument technology comprises a set of libraries that will provide application developers, software print workflow producers, online document services, and corporate IT departments with powerful tools for document format creation and conversion, including XPS, PDF, PostScript[R], PCL and proprietary formats, as well as comprehensive document manipulation, processing, and viewing capabilities.