formation of an organization

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Russia's Minister of Trade and Industry Denis Manturov suggested in late February that formation of an Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)-type international association might be useful for the aluminum industry.
In the spring of 2015 an anonymous group of people established a website announcing the formation of an organization they called Canary Mission.
The zeal and enthusiasm for social service shown by the 'Malayalee Diaspora' in Goa has scaled unprecedented heights with the formation of an organization catering to the sick and needy Malayalee migrants -- The KERALA SANGAMAM
The Iraqi parliament speaker, for his part, stressed further cooperation on formation of an organization for security, economic and politic relations.
Until the time when there was thinking about the formation of an organization for the Sahel and the Sahara, the matter appeared to be one of sending the Arab problems to the entrances to the African continent, especially since this organization was limited to mobilizing the voices of the poor among those who were demanding assistance, and it was not directed toward confronting the big problems that are related to the absence of security and stability and the problems of growth, just as they were not able to assume an effective political role, the least of which was meeting the true challenges in the region, in the forefront of which is are the negative effects of conflicts that are not one-sided because they are the most dangerous in consecrating dividing and spreading more tension
California farmstead cheesemaker Fiscalini Farms has been instrumental in the formation of an organization representing the state's artisan, farmstead, and specialty cheese producers.
Many morris men felt that the EFDSS had lost its way with regard to teaching the 'ritual' dance--Walter said that they had all but given up on it--so the formation of an organization with this special interest was welcomed by the clubs.
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has ruled that an employer dominates when, "the impetus behind the formation of an organization of employees emanates from the employer and the organization has no effective existence independent of the employer's active involvement, a finding of domination is appropriate if the purpose of the organization is to deal with the employer concerning conditions of employment" (Electromation, Inc.
The formation of an organization fulfilling this function was considered a priority and led to the incorporation of AASCIPSW in 1986.
A harsh, strong description of the 1889 Texas Music Teachers Association members seeking formation of an organization that recognizes "real teachers of stature.
Recommendations include the following: increased efforts to increase awareness about choices; formation of an organization to further the sharing of information among educators; adequate funding for charter schools, but not at the expense of the school district; more clarity and consistency in accountability policies; ensuring that traditional and charter-school leaders and staff have the capacity to sustain their programs.
Leading off this issue, MAJ Ted Martens discusses the BCT transformation process and the formation of an organization dedicated to information collection and support to situational awareness.

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