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identity to be formatively influenced by our friend, yet still retain a
Maggie, as a female "knight of faith," achieves a redemptive and contemplative, formatively effective stance within the complications and complexity of married social life.
The idea that religion functions formatively like culture, and that liturgy is formative of belief, points to promising venues for comparative theology and interreligious dialogue.
4) reminds us that the lived commitment is what is most formatively significant; Christianity has "made practice the touchstone of truth or authenticity"; as in all other areas of the church's life and witness.
Thus, reflecting on aspects of poetic language, aside of often intuitive and unquantifiable beauty, we can also asses a poem in normative forms, since a poem functions formatively (it has a structure), lingually (it is writing), aesthetically (harmony of style and play of words), juridically (copyright), and so on.
When young children experience a discovery-oriented curricular approach to early education, including learning through play, the whole child is formatively educated.
The four measures of the MSFC can be used formatively to assess the progression of FA, but may not be the best assessment to use.
Follow these tips, and soon assessing formatively will become a habit--and one that is well worth it
Geert Bouckaert and John Halligan (2008), in their comparative analysis of western countries, conclude that trust and collaboration are key to the success of performance management systems the willingness to look at performance results (successes and failures) formatively and learn from them depends in part on trusting the information (and those who generate it) and being willing to collaborate and learn (Moynihan 2008).
Formatively evaluating the reading progress of first-grade English learners in multiple language classrooms.