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Once the court does that, it will trigger a two-year phase-in for the court system's statewide electronic filing portal to deliver documents to court clerks in the PDF/A format and for clerks to store documents in that format.
For other data formats that might differ, such as phone numbers, you can store the data as a string and use an input mask to enter and display it in a particular format, such as (123) 456-7890.
A test of numeric formats for communicating risk probabilities.
Similarly, media studies in South Korea began to pay attention to television formats in the context of the globalizing media business.
• Fix reading Dimldrblk property for CadDimensionStyleTable entity in DWG format
As she pointed out, "ultimately all formats want to hit big broadcasters and major slots, primetime or at least prime-access- which, of course, is where the big budgets are." Although she does accept that, "these budgets are not as big as they were, but they are bigger than any others that are around."
Both DR1 and TV2 adapt foreign formats for their primetime schedules, an unsurprising circumstance considering the results of my previous study.
According to the BBC report, the root cause of the problem is the range of proprietary file formats that proliferated during the early digital revolution.
Although the selection of DVD movies formatted for Blu-ray is meager, Samsung is charging out in front with this model, which is compatible with most of today's standard DVD formats.
I used ArcCatalog to create metadata; ArcIMS MetadataServer, ArcSDE, and SQL Server to publish and store all the metadata and geospatial vector data; and SpatialDirect and FME to access data from ArcSDE and convert ArcSDE data into more than thirty different file formats. I used GeoJP2 Encoder to convert and compress TIFF files to JPEG2000 (JP2) and Image Server to serve JP2 images over the Internet without plug-ins.
In my experience, however, there are two formats of digital realia which prove to be the most effective: songs (music videos in primis, then audio) and videos (TV shows such as TV series, cartoons, soap operas, but also commercials and short movies).