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Begin by highlighting all the account balances and click on Format, Conditional Formatting (exhibit 15, below).
Sonic's AuthorScript, the DVD and CD formatting and burning engine that underlies Sonic's applications, is the most widely deployed DVD software engine and has been licensed by Adobe, Microsoft, Sony, and many others.
Since the origination of the DVD-Audio format, Sonic and MEI have worked closely together to develop a suite of DVD-Audio authoring and formatting applications.
Sonic's new DVD AV Workstation provides complete DVD-Audio and DVD-Video authoring and formatting in an integrated audio-video system.
Real-time DVD proofing is built-in, as well as formatting and printing of a disc image which can then be transferred to a DVD-R recordable disc or DLT tape.
New users are faced with a dizzying array of resolution and formatting decisions in order to determine what digital imaging representation will work best for a given application.