former incumbent

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Farman, who is also the spokesperson of the K-P government, explained that allegations against Kumar of allegedly ordering a hit on former incumbent Sardar Suran Singh are of heinous nature due to which the assembly members were not mentally ready to accept him into the assembly's fold.
But Germany is by far the biggest continental market where Liberty`s assets would help Vodafone to take on the former incumbent, Deutsche Telekom, with bigger packages of converged services.
The lieutenant, who was killed in action in France, was the son of a former incumbent at St Mary's.
CSRA has held all former incumbent contracts and leads all other awardees in terms of staff and revenue under ITS-BISS II, the current vehicle.
Saif managed to defeat the former incumbent Khalid Khoja, in the polls, which have taken place, in Istanbul, as he grabbed 58 votes to 41 for Khoja, out of 99 electorate.
The announcement over Twitter was an indication that he had the concurrence of his Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe who was stoutly defending the former incumbent Arjuna Mahendran and was keen on his re-appointment.
The poll has been called after the resignation of former incumbent, Labour councillor Joby Hold.
NEW Aston Villa owner Tony Xia has revealed ambitious plans for the club after his Recon Group completed their buy-out from former incumbent Randy Lerner.
With only a five-point lead over former incumbent Marcelo Melo, Murray must maintain his excellent form with Soares to hold on to top spot.
Though former incumbent Shashank Manohar emerged as a consensus candidate late on Saturday, the last has not been heard on the subject.
Lebanon has been without a president since the former incumbent Michel Sleiman left office May 26 last year.
Former incumbent Peter Holmes now sits on the IoD national council while also chairing the South Yorkshire branch committee.