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3 when the posts former officeholder, Tina Smith, was appointed to replace U.S.
According to BDI's former officeholder, his fellow party members Sadula Duraku and Nazmi Beqiri were with him when they were issued the order and agreed with it.
Importantly, a voter's responsibility attribution does not occur in a vacuum; this article argues that the decision of whether to hold a current officeholder responsible will depend on voters' perceptions of the issue, their partisan attachments, and the responsibility they assign to the former officeholder. Following a transition of power from one administration to the next, the political significance of responsibility attributions can be dramatic; whether voters ascribe responsibility for conditions to the current or former president can greatly affect the incumbent's job approval, the "political capital" held by the incumbent when implementing his agenda, and the willingness of voters to support or oppose his party in upcoming elections.
Even when there is no formal diversion to an officeholder (or a former officeholder), Regs.
The regional liaison office in the department's Denver office, one Tom Tancredo, sent out a mailing last December advocating fundamentalist private schools and complaining that "godlessness" was taking over America" once a "Christian nation." The mailing went on to announce that "humanism and Christianity cannot exist side by side." Its author, Robert Billings, was director of the department's ten regional offices and a former officeholder in the Moral Majority.
Following the Republican primary election in January, which had a very small turnout, Joe Kenney, former officeholder and candidate for governor, emerged as the nominee, beating more moderate candidates Mark Aldrich of Lebanon and Christopher Boothby of Meredith.
Given the choice, 53 percent of the insiders said the replacement ought to have the combined talents of a highly respected academic and a former officeholder with fundraising skills.
Prohibiting a former officeholder from lobbying right after leaving office won't make it any less dishonest; all that does is put off the inevitable for a specific period of time."
'The PDP thereafter commenced merger or coalition talks with national political leaders, former officeholders and influential voices across the land.
O'Leary would attend meetings with these former officeholders and share tidbits that only a police officer charged with the responsibility of protecting state officials would know.
Meier, who has $298,000 in cash on hand, reported personal donations from multiple top officials from Clinton's world, the Obama administration and current and former officeholders: Washington attorney Robert B.
The stream of leaked recordings has jolted One Nation in recent weeks, highlighting the acrimony among former officeholders and party faithful amid the rise of Ashby.

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