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But the perfs here are more assured, and Dukakis is one tough Sissy, bringing a seasoned fierceness and formidability to the role, as well as cutting humor.
The formidability of Kanu is emphasized intentionally by means of a relational process, by the editor, to enhance the view that opposition parties are engaged in futile attempts to acquire power.
The ancient Indian thinkers had been quite conscious of the formidability of the problem.
Yang: And even if they agree with and admire portions of his work, and disagree with a few other of his positions, but our admiration of the formidability and erudition of his scholarship, of his humanist thought, and of his political commitment, would prevail.
Second, the generally persistent formidability characteristic of rare book collections and their staffs does not make them seem any easier to use than their closed stacks suggest.
Union plays the role with great assurance and technical skill, but lends the character a mechanical air that enhances neither her formidability nor vulnerability.
They serve as warnings to Sherif Ali, increasing his formidability as an opponent: "Take my greetings to Sherif Ali--till I come myself" (184).
Only when the abovementioned steps are thoroughly scrutinised, is it possible to appreciate the formidability of the task of developing a comprehensive preventative program to combat organised crime in South and southern Africa.
Any credence the putative "Pushkin notes" might have is due to the formidability of Armalinsky as a literary scholar and as a poet himself.
Perhaps critics should admit the formidability of the editors' task and have a measure of patience with its uncertain outcome.
And despite a diminished threat from club stores, the formidability of mass merchandisers and the sharper sting of category killers keep competition high on the list of vexing issues.