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And as he melted away into the depth of the jungle with his still struggling prize, he meditated upon the possibilities which might lie in the prowess of the Gomangani were the hes as formidable as the shes.
He seemed to realize that escape for me was impossible, and I could have sworn that his huge, fanged jaws grinned in pleasurable appreciation of my predicament, or was it in anticipation of the juicy morsel which would so soon be pulp between those formidable teeth?
Ahead there was no way--a cat could scarce have scaled that formidable barrier--but to the right he discerned what appeared to be a steep and winding pathway up the canyon's side, and with a bound he clambered along it to where it surmounted the rocky wall.
He did not like him, and regarded him now as his most formidable rival.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 25 (ANI): Condemning the recent terror attack in Egypt, Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Saturday said such an attack is a reminder that terrorism remains a formidable challenge and calls for a concerted and sustained response from the global community.
The international maritime exercise Formidable Shield has come to a close following a month of successes and world-firsts.
The highly anticipated teaser starts with the usually formidable titular character (Chris Hemsworth) looking uncharacteristically helpless, as he's dangling in mid-air, bound to chains.
Getting paid to work in an industry where clothes and shoes are the tools of your trade feels lucky, and when your boss is a formidable character like Shulman, you march to the beat of her designer drum.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian presidential envoy for Afghanistan said ISIL terror group's growing military capabilities threaten to pose a more formidable challenge next year if the banned terrorist group is not contained.
RHIANNON "Ritzy" Bryan, lead-singer and guitarist for The Joy Formidable, the indie rock band which was formed in 2007 in Mold was yesterday's Day President at the Urdd Eisteddfod.
Mujiv Hataman is seeking a second term and he will be up against a formidable challenger, Sulu Vice Governor Abdusakur Tan.
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