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COUNT ON DEFENCE County's defending has been under the microscope this season after their League Cup exit but the back four were formidably strong, which bodes well for Jim McIntyre.
But the fact that so far Russia hasn t taken any actual action to de-escalate tensions makes this a formidably difficult task today, and I think therefore we have to be realistic about that.
The only disc with the same coupling was Naxos's own 1999 release (Kuchar / Ukraine ) but this polished Brazilian orchestra under Marin Alsop completely outclasses it in performance and sound and for the symphony alone this CD would still be formidably competitive.
Against this backdrop emerges Josie Moraine, a formidably bright and resourceful heroine who having escaped her mother's profession finds she cannot completely break with her world and the individuals who inhabit it.
The courses themselves have been given a Luigi style makeover, remixing them with seemingly improbable jumps, formidably hidden Star Coins, and all with a time limit of only 100 seconds to do it in.
He was formidably intelligent--at times domineering, but always willing to listen, and heroically unimpressed by the high and mighty.
Most formidably, former Spurs boss Harry Redknapp currently occupies the QPR hot seat, with his two assistants Joe Jordan and Kevin Bond in tow, also once of the Tottenham parish.
The legacy of septicaemia has left her with one leg shorter than the other; she cannot yet walk unaided but is formidably tenacious.
He was a formidably talented team commander, in his element in this complex and unforgiving environment.
For this book, university lecturer and historian John Cooper has delved deep and come up with a clearer picture of the formidably hard-line Protestant who devoted a third of his life to protecting the Queen and her realm from Catholic plots and, in 1588, an unsuccessful invasion bid by Spain.
Pictured left, she looks formidably professional and formidably attractive.
Wide experience in the contemporary Muslim world equips Marozzi formidably for addressing a key facet of Herodotus's own original achievement: his understanding of an 'East-West' divide.