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Godolphin also retains a formidably strong hand in the Champagne Lanson Sussex Stakes-a Group 1 race it has yet to win-after yesterday's forfeit stage for the Goodwood race on July 28.
What is uncertain is whether he can do it from the start, or whether a guy who turns 35 today is destined for the role of impact sub he played so formidably last week.
Called Scarlet, it purports to be that formidably elusive thing -- a ``proper'' women's magazine.
English law is heavily guarded in favour of anti-competition law and the British bookmakers have a formidably strong lobby.
When Patti gets there on her formidably tripped-out version, it's like she's going to destroy, or at least change, the world all over again.
If parents can be persuaded to tell their children that school can be worthwhile, that there are real benefits to be gained, and that,critically,it could turn particularly nasty for the family if they fail to attend, the pupils concerned would have to be formidably hard-hearted not to listen.
Thoroughly consistent, with wins or runner-up spots in 13 of his 19 races, Anet was formidably fast at around a mile, as testified by track records at Turfway Park and Del Mar.
Automotive intends to position itself to compete more formidably in the manufacture and sale of friction materials as well as other "under car" automotive parts through both acquisitions and internal growth.
Featuring fascinating interviews with Dominique and his formidably impressive wife Michele Montas, director Jonathan Demme's hard-hitting documentary goes to the tragic heart of what's wrong with Haiti.
Ice Skating Sky Sports 3, 5pm There's more than a touch of glamour on display tonight as double Olympic gold medallist Katarina Witt, the ice skating world's nearest equivalent to country star Shania Twain, teams up with seven other formidably talented female skaters, including Tara Lipinski, Nancy Kerrigan and Nicole Bobek, to take part in a "Divas on Ice" show.
Seldom, if ever, can a major racecourse have put on a selection of races that was so formidably unappetising to anyone who fancies himself a connoisseur of the Turf.
Automotive intends to positions itself to compete more formidably in the manufacture and sale of friction materials as well as other "under car" automotive parts.