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Features: Pneumatic, servo, or hydraulic movements; pressure forming and twin sheet capable; runs at 120 cycles/hr.
Forming area range: Single-station, 48 x 72 to 240 x 120 in.
Another new forming unit also uses variable frequency pulsation of the stock by varying the tip-to-tip spacing of foil blades on the run.
Before we leave "older" forming techniques, it's worth noting that there is still development work continuing in cylinder forming.
Manganese oxide has a similar effect on magnesia refractories, forming solid solution compounds with the complex MgO compounds.
Unfortunately, the silicate portion is affected by iron- and manganese oxides in a way similar to that which a silica-based refractory is affected, forming low temperature fayalite or tephroite.
Forming area, range: 3 x 4-ft to 8 x 14 or 10 x 12 ft
mold, 9-in, draw depth, and 100-psi forming pressure.
OMV says the lids system has no impact on overall cycle times, does not require additional labor, and can be incorporated into a standard forming line.
The unit will produce PP lids with a 2-row combined forming and punching tool and an automatic stacker/counter.
Expect to see at least six new roll-fed machines debut with new developments in controls, forming, trimming, and stacking.
The reasons for this change are partly improved skills in pressure forming and partly that shorter time to market is worth more to manufacturers today than ever before.