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Features: Hydraulic platen drive, vacuum and pressure forming capabilities, gas heat and auto load/unload available.
Features: Pressure-forming capability available, one model for low-pressure (25 psi) forming, PLC controls and servo-driven pin chains on some models.
Over the years, there have been many developments of headboxes and short forming sections that can be added to cylinder machines.
The forming section is relatively short, so drainage and stock agitation must be carefully controlled.
Unfortunately, the silicate portion is affected by iron- and manganese oxides in a way similar to that which a silica-based refractory is affected, forming low temperature fayalite or tephroite.
Features: Ceramic heaters, water and air cooling, largest units have electric platen & indexing drives; most units have pressure forming as option.
Machine type: Single-station & twin former, sheet-fed Forming area range: 16 x 16 to 120 x 240 in.
Includes forming and trimming machinery, auxiliaries, components, and controls.
OMV says the lids system has no impact on overall cycle times, does not require additional labor, and can be incorporated into a standard forming line.
The unit will produce PP lids with a 2-row combined forming and punching tool and an automatic stacker/counter.
This show will also be unusual in hosting at least three live demonstrations of in-line sheet extrusion and forming.
For low part volumes, pressure forming easily beats injection molding to market.