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Less a creation for the formularized TV hour--more like a novella--its deceptively simple drama is so well told by Miro Bilborough that her voice can almost be heard murmuring beneath the visuals.
The isotopic composition of any sulfur crystal is reported as [delta][S.sup.34] (the ratio of the sample to the standard, times 1000), formularized as:
A similar approach to the formularized synthesis of palindromic passages is taken by the latest contrivance in this line, the HeptCat Perspicuous Palindrome Producer.
But I also see it as an enabler that grants permission to owners of real-time bagel shops to begin fooling around with their rigidly formularized output.
Too bad that freshness doesn't extend to gender or class relations, as the film reinscribes all the worst portrayals that Mexican cinema has formularized, from the treacherous underclass family that eats its young to the debased women who, in a universe in which everyone is doomed, always somehow suffer more--and always at the level of the body.
Women have forced their way into money and status, sometimes beyond their merits, but they have also lost a freedom (Professor Schaub calls it "leisure") that might have saved them from being formularized in terms of contemporary Western styles of work.