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However, Yusni said Penang is among four states including Federal Territories, Sabah and Sarawak which have yet to formulate the enactment to control and prevent the spread of non-Muslim religions to Muslims.
"The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has been directed to formulate a framework for social media monitoring in consultation with all stakeholders," the Dawn quoted Iqbal, as saying.
Formulate conference rooms and walls are lightweight, stylish solutions to your meeting space and display needs.
It can formulate blends with fillers and additives.
Established in 1980, CCF is authorized to formulate statements and positions on capital markets and the capital structure and financial resources of corporations, including policies, practices, rules, regulations, principles and standards.
The first two-thirds of the book is dialogue driven, as Morimoto and Suzuki employ their brains to formulate their theories as to what exactly happened.
Companies should look for the ability to have users (the business analysts and policy managers) formulate rules easily.
In our attempt to formulate a comprehensive relationship between Islam and science, it is necessary to examine the structures of both of them and then to relate the basic elements in the two structures to each other.
To prevent this, KGB officials formulate a plan to kill him.
It includes the strategic planning process (pre-planning, organizing responsibilities for planning, and confirming the planning timeline) and constructing the plan (establish the guidance system, compose strategic policies, perform critical analysis, revisit mission and planning policies, compose planning assumptions, formulate long range goals, formulate objectives, formulate strategies, and formulate action plans).
"(Dis)-identities of the body, of space, time, and representation, a non-theme"--as curators Ulrich Loock and Daniel Kurjakovic formulate their approach--permeate the exhibition as a whole.
Generally, these are employees who have a direct involvement with clients; they either communicate with or formulate investment advice for clients, or make discretionary investment decisions for client assets.