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With this hydraulic fluid formulated to DYNAVIS technology standards, Jinhua Junda Excavator Fittings, a machinery corporation, gained 7% fuel savings in normal operating conditions , said Carlos Vernet, Marketing Manager, DYNAVIS Asia Pacific.
In addition to new operation sites in the UK and the US, which were announced last year, MCC will accelerate the global expansion of its formulated electrolyte business, and continue to develop its LiB materials business by providing all four key materials (formulated electrolyte, anode, cathode, and separator).
Research has shown that clupeid and cyprinid fish baits are more effective than formulated baits in cooler waters (Huner et al.
The Vaxfectin(R)-formulated cancer peptide also resulted in 7- to 14-fold higher responses than obtained with TRP-2 formulated with Freund's adjuvant.
EPA classified technical grade glyphosate as "slightly toxic" to "practically non-toxic" and formulated products ranged from "moderately toxic" to "practically non-toxic.
This double-action balm's proprietary blend is formulated with hydrolyzed silk, an exceptional skin-rebuilding protein.
It is formulated with a viscosity that allows the paste to be liquefied rapidly by the system's high speed bristle motion, producing micro cleaning bubbles to penetrate hard-to-reach areas such as deep between teeth and along the gum line.
By 'complete knowledge' Muslim philosophers of science mean knowledge of the essential nature of all things comprised in the domain of reality under study, including knowledge of the relationships between them formulated in the form of laws or universal propositions.
The company has been producing colorants for the wood mulch industry for a number of years, but according to McGinn, this product is newly formulated specifically to work with mulch made from shredded tires.
This approval allows Bigmar to manufacture and market IV bags formulated with Metronidazole within Switzerland.
While that report was released at a conference organized by the center, it was formulated by a Stanford University group.
Composing as a culminating activity should foster creativity in presenting a new understanding of the problem that has been formulated in the ISP.