formulating questions

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The 39-year-old former model has a lot of experience to dig into when formulating questions after her highly-public split with Ronan.
In interactions between narrators and recorders a framework for formulating questions emerged; in exemplary anthropological fashion, Lloyd took cues from the narrators and materials rather than imposing a hypothesis, as do Lewis-Williams and Pearce.
He describes its theoretical bases, making research decisions, formulating questions, ethics, reading research, measurement, summarizing research results, generalizing from results, sampling, surveys, experiments, qualitative research, other methods, and writing and presenting research.
Within AP courses, students are expected to develop competencies in using models and mathematics, formulating questions, designing experiments, analyzing data, and providing and evaluating evidence-based claims and explanations.
Correctly formulating questions to given answers (the Jeopardy game) involves many linguistic gymnastics for a computer," said Bill Sverdlik, professor of computer science at Eastern Michigan University.
At the stage of formulating questions, for example, academics are concerned with questions that can be tested scientifically, whereas community members are more likely to favor questions that are meaningful to community residents.
ASHBURNHAM - About 100 students sat in the high-tech cyber cafe - a former library - at Cushing Academy, formulating questions and taking polls via Twitter and the Internet while interacting live with a panel of international experts on global health.
Activities that lead students in investigating and formulating questions should be added and students should be encouraged to verbally, numerically, graphically, and symbolically represent everyday situations.
Formulating questions can help students invent new problems or define a given problem.
Sending the deceased for an autopsy and relying on the written report is not as good as meeting with the pathologist, sharing findings, formulating questions, and being present during the autopsy itself to ensure a fruitful dialogue.
At this time the ecumenical discussion was formulating questions and insights which clearly anticipated subsequent developments in economic theory.
Students gain experience in generating and formulating questions.