formulating questions

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Clear and present questions: formulating questions for evidence based practice.
FAs will glean an enormous amount of information if they train themselves to be better listeners and better at formulating questions.
When I told her my concerns about the survey questions, S&P/McGraw-Hill spokesperson Anna Lusardi responded: "There are a lot of difficulties when formulating questions to be used in different cultures around the world.
Here, I outline some suggestions for formulating questions that foster good thinking skills, especially those needed for critical media literacy.
The 39-year-old former model has a lot of experience to dig into when formulating questions after her highly-public split with Ronan.
He describes its theoretical bases, making research decisions, formulating questions, ethics, reading research, measurement, summarizing research results, generalizing from results, sampling, surveys, experiments, qualitative research, other methods, and writing and presenting research.
Within AP courses, students are expected to develop competencies in using models and mathematics, formulating questions, designing experiments, analyzing data, and providing and evaluating evidence-based claims and explanations.
This is part of a project that overall tests the efficacy of the SWH inquiry-based approach to build students' content knowledge, argumentation skills, and interest in science to construct the foundation of science literacy with elementary school children, so that all students "become familiar with modes of scientific inquiry, rules of evidence, ways of formulating questions and ways of proposing explanations".
In this context, instruction should be designed to allow students encounter high quality questions and study on formulating questions (Drake & Brown 2003; Hover, Hicks & Irwin 2007).
At the stage of formulating questions, for example, academics are concerned with questions that can be tested scientifically, whereas community members are more likely to favor questions that are meaningful to community residents.
ASHBURNHAM - About 100 students sat in the high-tech cyber cafe - a former library - at Cushing Academy, formulating questions and taking polls via Twitter and the Internet while interacting live with a panel of international experts on global health.
This strategy of formulating questions which presuppose their own answers is indicative of the book's polemical ends, not to mention its relentlessly indignant tone--a tone that matches the hyperbolic moralism of our current "fat regime" toe-for-toe.