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In fact, the simplest formulation requires no formulating, as the active is dosed neat, filled into gelatin or HPMC capsules.
1530 oe) version of the MP+ formulation used in DDS-2 media, and a nominal increase in tape length to 125 meters.
The previous formulation (which is buffered) was approved last year for use in a once daily regimen.
Both formulations are "strongly recommended" when given in combination with ritonavir (Norvir).
It performs reflectance and transmittance measurements in either a standalone mode using its built-in software, or interfaced to a PC with the company's new WinMatch QC and formulation software for Windows 95.
Keenan cites studies showing that up to 40 percent of patients prescribed standard niacin quit taking it because of the side effects -- primarily upset stomach and a whole-body flushing of the skin -- as did 16 to 40 percent of patients treated with alternative, timed-release niacin formulations.
develops first quality generic and tailored pharmaceutical expert systems, databases and management tools utilized by pharmaceutical scientists in solid dosage formulation and process design.
This formulation is expected to enable the drug to be equally distributed throughout the body systemically.
There ate many factors that should be taken into consideration when determining what composite mix formulation should be used:
K-1446A was evaluated in a sulfur cured, injection molded comer formulation as the sole polymer component, in a blend with conventional EPDM, and as a curable plasticizer, where it was used to replace oil.