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Niteo is a formulator, manufacturer and marketer of automotive appearance and maintenance chemical products.
It sells products under several brands including AP Formulators and Trans-Mate in the car wash category as well as CarBrite and Trans-Mate in the detail, dealership and auto auction category.
Niteo is a formulator, packager, and marketer of automotive appearance and maintenance chemical brands.
To better enable formulators in choosing the right dispersant, Air Products has developed the Formulators Assistant ZetaSperse Tool (FAZT), which sets forth product recommendations and dispersion starting point formulations.
The theme of the event, "Keeping FOCUS for 40 Years," will explore the role FOCUS has played in helping formulators innovate, adapt, and overcome in the area of automotive coatings for so many years.
Both waterborne polyacrylates and PUDs provide the formulator with strong alternatives to 2K polyurethane coatings.
EPA's DfE Green Formulator Program was started by the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics.
The Formulator product family provides support for NetScreen products including NetScreen Systems and Appliances along with the Cisco PIX Firewall Series product family.
Emerald Hilton Davis, a division of Emerald Performance Materials Specialties, has published a new product guide that provides product technical information for each of its product lines, including Super Seatone Sup-R-Conc, Color Realm 0-VOC and Color Realm Universal Formulator and Industrial, Auracote and Black Shield Dispersions.
Color-Tec has announced an upgrade to its Formulator Windows software.
The technical performance of any coating, and product innovation in particular, are the result of strong collaboration between the formulator of these coatings, and their suppliers of raw materials.
The author has attempted to provide, when possible, all the information valuable to the coating formulator.