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He said Asia Azeem Chaudhry had been nominated as President of the party for the federal capital while the senior party leaders including Gohar Ayub Khan, Lala Nisar and others would be accommodated as members of the partys Central Steering Committee which would act as a thinktank and would formulise its recommendations to the party on different subjects.
Beth Huntbach, education and welfare officer at the university's student union, said: "The student union has worked with the university to formulise the bursaries that will be distributed to students to ensure they are receiving a fair deal.
The brief will see the agency formulise 'end-to-end digital strategies' via its two special- ist divisions - Performics and Newcast.
Eminent experts on non-conventional defence, counter terrorism strategy and Afghanistan & FATA issues put forth their proposals on Friday during an exclusive session of the Senate Standing Committee on Defence held here to formulise policy guidelines for the government and the parliament.