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Yet, even if one accepts Bickham's formulization of incidental and mass poverty, it is impossible to use his equation to measure the incidence of poverty among African Americans in Chicago because as was noted by leading social organizations as the Chicago U rban Lea e and the Welfare Council, many other social agencies did not provide services to African Americans.
But again and again, the blues--or perhaps one should say, better, "the spirit of the blues"--rebels against such formulization, as indeed any dilution or dissipation.
In his new role, Barbehenn will act as Message System's in-house attorney, overseeing all legal matters for the company, including review of client contracts, formulization of international initiatives and protection of intellectual property (IP) rights.
NPL specializes in formulizations of new product lines as well as reverse engineering existing products.
psychosexual data in realtime-based formulizations.