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Here we formulize the notion of a structure-connected cluster, which extends that of a density based cluster [40] and can distinguish good clusters, hubs and outliers in graph.
In the 1920s his cynicism prevailed, but, indeed, in the 1930s he began to formulize this "philosophy of life.
to formulize the counseling and hope that you're going to
We also formulize the content and path of knowledge for quality analysis and diagnosis, and connote the diagnosi s knowledge using the method combining rules and frames, and illustrate the indeterminacy and weight fuzzy relation of error sources with error cause trees.
com), a fiercely independent macroeconomic forecasting and financial research firm in Baltimore, MD, will arrive in Mumbai, India this week to formulize the terms of a research partnership with India-based Equitymaster.
The LSE as a facilitator and mediator between the SECP and the participants upon a shrinking session, he added, would assist the exchange to formulize further regulations in the effective automation of introducing a new avenue to trade in a particular classification i.
Gondal gave a final deadline of May 15, 2010 to formulize MoU's and Lease Agreements for giving the possession of land for tea cultivation to private sector by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K.