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This idea is formulized in the following definition of direct structure reachability.
For example, Kohler (2001) has formulized a "social interaction" model, and Montgomery and Casterline (1993) and Montgomery and Chung (1998) have tried to explain the fertility transition by a social interaction mechanism in Taiwan and South Korea.
There should be a formulized strategy about how the output of the team will be used.
If they (employers) are interested in providing this type of access to employees, we'll look at formulized relationships with companies.
Kornfilt's observations on suspended affixation are formulized in (8) below.
Only as natives slowly learned more about the white man's ways did they "grow up" from their childlike selves, and missionary stories formulized the transformation.
In a nutshell: True-life story of the first female boxing manager is so faked-up and formulized that not a second of it rings true.
The final questionnaire was designed and formulized to collect data which could be of value to bank managers.
Using basically a child's bubble-blowing wand, you direct specially formulized scents 25 to 50 yards downwind
In other words, like contemporary American movies, the formulized, easily decipherable plots, identifiable characters, and clear moral lessons of Soviet features factored heavily in their popularity.
In the formulized formalisms of literary physics this means that no matter how long the time span of a novel might be (whether measured in terms of textual action or of active text), the phasespace within which the work elaborates its own actantial algorithmics - in synaptic contradistinction to Euclidean dottiness on the matter of points, the novel's "counter-point" having magnitude but no location - remains constant.