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CEO Maria Ramos has decided to forsake a cash bonus and curb boardroom payouts.
While freedom is a condition for the exercise of our reason and self-determination is an undoubted human good, it is not the only good and here is the nub of the argument - it is only if I am able to forsake my freedom that my choices become real.
Isaiah 55, 7 IT'S quite clear - simply forsake what God forbids.
Reforming the presidential primary system is an easy way to lessen the big-money arms race in politics without forcing either party to forsake any partisan advantage.
And therfor, nyghtyngale, holde the nye, For leve me wel, for al thy lovde crie, Yf thou be fer or longe fro thi make, Thou shall be as other that be forsake, And then shalt thou hoten as do I.
Be careful not to get so caught up in controlling costs that you forsake quality and customer service.
Don't forsake your technical and analytical skills.
He accordingly recited a proverb for Imam Ali saying, "The neutral is the one who doesn't support the evil but does forsake the right.
to give up or leave entirely <Don't forsake your friends.
And through it all she offers me protection; A lot of loveand affection; Whether I'm right or wrong; And down the waterfall; Wherever it may take me; I know that life won't break me; When I come to call, she won't forsake me; I'm loving angels instead
I'm calling on people to forsake once and for all the armed struggle," said Archbishop Brady.
He has spent the last 40 years trying to convince his fellow Americans to forsake modern society and the ravages it causes to the environment.