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But the tears they shed over Reagan have blinded them to the fact that they are forsaking his legacy rather than building on it
It is not I who disturb Israel', he answered, 'but you and your family, by forsaking the commands of the Lord and following the Baals.
Becoming a Catholic priest requires forever forsaking a marriage commitment.
If it sounds as though we are forsaking the giant breweries, consider this: 46.
ENDESA France has opted to enter the renewables sector without forsaking profits.
Dorsey put on a fierce rush, all but forsaking a punt return.
Forsaking my tendency to dance in the back row, I stepped forward and competed with hundreds of other dancers eager to be cast in West Side Story.
More and more consumers are forsaking brokerage houses to test the stock trading waters from the comfort of home.
Forsaking pathos for understatement, Edmondson condensed biblical narratives into solid, iconic forms, such as the weighty Eve, 1940, the ghostly Angel, 1940, and the starkly simple Crucifix, 1940.
Although shoppers are forsaking high-end designer apparel and flocking to stores like the gap, Manhattan's undiminished tidal wave of consumer traffic continues to support a very strong retail real estate market and presently is pushing space rental numbers upward at a modest, yet steady, rate.
Introduced since January 2006, the Volvo City buses in Bangalore city are already a common sight with many passengers forsaking their personal vehicle for the ease and comfort of true city bus - and thereby also starting the process, albeit an initial step, in easing city traffic and lowering emissions.
SAUGUS - Forsaking such Memorial Day traditions as ballgames and backyard cookouts, dozens of campers spent the holiday weekend roughing it beside an oak-lined stream in Bouquet Canyon.