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Being received as a Catholic priest, therefore, should not require forsaking his freely chosen marriage commitment.
Evelyn, since 1994 the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce administrative assistant to the office manager, and her retired space propulsion engineer husband are forsaking one desert clime for another.
GREENCINE LLC is at the forefront of online DVD rental, with a diverse selection of over 27,000 titles specializing in independent, international, documentary and classic films -- without forsaking mainstream releases.
Wilson said the legislation provides ``a sensible balance between our desire to reach our full potential without forsaking the need to respect our standing as a fellow inhabitant, not sole proprietor, of this planet.
We are dedicated to providing First United Bank with a sound, completely-compliant overdraft management system, while forsaking nothing in fee generation capabilities for the bank.
Gore said he's joining the boycott on a case-by-case basis, forsaking ABC news anchor Peter Jennings for NBC's Tom Brokaw and staying away from Touchstone Pictures releases.
The Denver-based evangelical group exhorts men to become ``promise keepers'' at home by forsaking the golf course and the TV remote control in favor of a deeper commitment to their families.
The company that told everyone last Christmas to "Buy Nothing for Last Minute Holiday Gifts," is once again extolling the advantages of forsaking buying a mundane gift and do something different:
Fervently hoping to shoehorn Ross Perot into at least one of the planned debates, senior aides to President Clinton said Thursday that they were considering forsaking the Commission on Presidential Debates and finding a different sponsor, one that would invite Perot.
This ensures that as network security is deployed on a large scale, administration costs are minimized, without forsaking critical centralized controls.
Or by pulling up stakes from Main and Second streets, is the archdiocese forsaking its heritage and turning its back on its neediest supplicants - people like Toy Owens?